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Our Mission

The Strength of My Scars: Pediatric Surgical Chronicles is an innovative children’s book series created to instill comfort and hope in pediatric patients and their families. These stories serve as a valuable supplement to conversations with medical professionals with the goal of improving comprehension and satisfaction and reducing anxiety. They are meant to empower children and help them feel safe, teaching them that their scars tell a story of resilience, of which they can be proud. Each book addresses the anatomy, pathophysiology, hospital course, surgical details, and post-operative care pertaining to a specific condition using easy to understand language and colorful visual aids.

Meet the Author & Illustrator
Dr. Maria Baimas-George

Dr. Maria Baimas-George found the inspiration to create The Strength of My Scars: Pediatric Surgical Chronicles children’s book series through her work as a surgical resident at Carolinas Medical Center of Atrium Health in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Her interactions with pediatric patients and their families showed her first-hand that the stressful nature of childhood illness and the hospital environment can suppress understanding of important medical information, contributing to additional fear and worry.  In an effort to help, Dr. Baimas-George began writing and illustrating stories, with the advising help of board-certified pediatric surgeon, Dr. Daniel Bambini.  

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"Thank you for the One Angry Worm book!  My child loved reading it!"

- Parent of 8-year-old with appendicitis

"As a general surgeon, I was one of the first people my best friend turned to when her oldest daughter was diagnosed with an umbilical hernia.  Though she has great pediatric surgeons where they are, I was so excited to send them the book, ‘Umbilical Hernia: Buhbye Bump’ to read together.  They loved the book, both the illustrations and the ability to know that they are not alone in this.  Thank you Dr. Baimas-George for providing this amazing way to support them from across the country!"

"My child has Crohn’s disease. We tried the Ostomy book and were thrilled with it. It helped us a lot and we think it would be really great to have these books in schools!"

- Parent of a 10 year old with Crohn’s disease.

"The book was wonderful!  It was easy for my daughter to understand and her siblings could understand too. Highly recommend to other families."

- Parent of 4-year-old with umbilical hernia

"As a general surgeon, I talk a lot about my work at home with my two boys, ages 5 and 7.  They love to read and learn, and were especially excited to have these books as a window into the work that "Mommy" does when she is gone from the home.  It was also a great starting point for discussions about challenges that other kids may face.  Thank you for creating these books for kids and sharing them with the world!"

"I cannot express how much I loved this book.  It eased my anxiety regarding pyloric stenosis and the surgery.  As a parent and as a nurse, I think these books are exceptional."

- Parent of infant with pyloric stenosis

"We found the book to be friendly and informative, and the drawings are simple and childlike in the best way. Perfect for kids to understand!"

- Parent of 7-year-old with history of biliary atresia