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Liver Transplantation: Your Transition to Care



Liver Transplantation: Your Transition to Care is an informative and interactive book designed to help you understand how to keep yourself and your liver healthy as you grow older and become more independent. With a simple and engaging format, this book helps you understand and organize information about your own liver transplant and treatment. It also explains why you may want to rebel against your transplant care as you grow up, but why it’s so vital to stay on track.

The interactive nature of the book provides space for you to write down important information such as your goals, frustrations, medical team, and medicines. This helps you take an active role in your own care and stay motivated to keep yourself healthy for the amazing life ahead of you. This is an empowering book for older children who are becoming more involved in their medical care that aims to provide motivation, hope, and key information for life with a transplant liver.