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Liver Transplantation, Part One: The Basics



Liver Transplantation, Part One: The Basics takes readers through everything they need to know about liver transplantation. From explaining what livers do to what it means when they don't work, this book uses relatable analogies to help young readers understand complex medical concepts.

Using the analogy of a car, the book explains that just like a car needs a new engine when it's broken, our body needs a new liver when it's not working properly. The car analogy is continued to carefully explain difficult topics like the types of liver transplant - deceased donor, and living donor - and the search for a transplant liver, which can be long and hard.

With fun color illustrations and easy to understand language, readers will learn about the process of liver transplantation and how it can help those in need. You will also find a convenient glossary of ‘Doctor Words’ with relevant medical terms explained in plain language. This is an informative and enjoyable book that aims to provide comfort, hope, and key information to children and their families.