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Liver Transplantation, Part Four: Taking Care of your New Liver



Liver Transplantation, Part Four: Taking Care of your New Liver is a guide on how to take care of a new liver after transplantation. Using an analogy that compares a body to a castle, and your immune system to knights that defend that castle, readers will learn about important topics like immunosuppression medicines, ’rejection’, and infection.

Readers will also learn about the importance of regular check-ins with doctors to ensure their new liver is functioning properly. Written in easy to understand language with fun color illustrations, the book is comprehensive, including many details such as what medicines you need to take and why, and why your body may reject your new liver and the signs to watch out for. It is also a reassuring book, with a strong focus on prevention of complications and catching problems early.

Important information is included in a ‘Facts’ section, including medicine side effects and how to prevent infections. You will also find a convenient glossary of ‘Doctor Words’ with relevant medical terms explained in plain language. This is an informative and enjoyable book that aims to provide comfort, hope, and key information to children and their families.