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Duodenal Atresia: Plumbing Gone Wrong


Duodenal Atresia: Plumbing Gone Wrong explains duodenal atresia from the perspective of a child who underwent corrective surgery as a baby and is now living a healthy and fulfilling life. The narrator likens his condition to a plumbing system with broken pipes so that children and families can more easily understand this complex condition. Every step of the hospital journey is described in easy to understand language and vivid illustration – starting from the prenatal diagnosis, to birth, to surgery, and finally to postoperative care, to improve understanding and reduce fear.

This book is designed to help:

  • Caregivers of a newborn with duodenal atresia understand the anatomy and hospital course

  • The patient when they grow up and want to understand where their scars came from

  • Family members, including young siblings who want to understand why their new brother or sister is or was in the hospital

To help supplement conversations with doctors, answers to common questions and other important information is included in a ‘Facts’ section at the end of the book. You will also find a helpful glossary of ‘Doctor’s Words’ with relevant medical terms explained in plain language and a page to take notes for your own hospital experience if applicable.

Science and colorful illustration come together in Duodenal Atresia: Plumbing Gone Wrong to not only empower patients and their families but also educate and inspire kids who are curious about the fascinating world of medicine.

$1 from every copy of Duodenal Atresia: Plumbing Gone Wrong sold will be donated to Children's Surgery International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping communities in need by providing free medical and surgical services worldwide.