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Broken Bones: Mei and the Monkey Bars


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In Broken Bones: Mei and the Monkey Bars, readers are introduced to a young girl named Mei, who breaks her arm after falling from the monkey bars. Through her story, the experience of breaking a bone is explained, from the injury, to the hospital visit, to treatment. Mei’s story goes through the ups and downs and ins and outs of her experience. It’s a wonderful story for children who have broken a bone, or who have a friend or sibling who has broken a bone. The story has a happy ending with Mei back on the monkey bars once again! Written in easy to understand language with vibrant illustration, this hopeful, fun, and informative book teaches children and their families all about the common occurrence of breaking a bone in childhood, to improve understanding and calm fears.

Further, to help supplement conversations with doctors, answers to common questions and other important information is included in a comprehensive ‘Facts’ section at the end of the book, including bone facts, fracture facts, types of broken bones, facts on treating broken bones, and tips for taking care of your cast. You will also find a helpful glossary of ‘Doctor Words’ with relevant medical terms explained in plain language and a page to take notes for your own hospital experience if applicable.

Through science and colorful illustration, this book not only aims to empower patients and their families but is also an enjoyable and educational gift for kids who are curious to learn more about the fascinating world of medicine. 

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