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Gastrostomy Tube: Fuel Me Up!


Gastrostomy Tube: Fuel Me Up! explores the topic of G-Tubes for young patients using the example of one child’s experience to drive home key concepts. Because G-Tubes are used to deliver food, water and medication, the narrator likens them to the ‘fuel’ delivery system of a car. This analogy helps alleviate fear in patients, their families and friends by illuminating the need for and function of the procedure in simple terms. Easy to understand language and engaging photos make the information accessible for readers of all ages.

The end of the book contains a ‘Facts’ section with important information and answers to commonly asked questions, to supplement conversations with doctors.  Also included are surgical instructions (for both before and after), basic care instructions from an experienced nurse, feeding instructions (with associated diagrams), and a glossary of ‘Doctor’s Words’, or medical terms, defined in plain language. You can even refer to the ‘Uh Oh! What If…’ section to find appropriate remedies to common issues you may encounter.

Through science and colorful illustration, this book not only aims to empower patients and their families but is also an enjoyable and educational gift for kids who are curious to learn more about the fascinating world of medicine.  

$1 from every copy of Gastrostomy Tube: Fuel Me Up!sold will be donated to The Oley Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people on tube feeds, through education, advocacy, and networking.