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Dr. Daniel Bambini, MD FACS

Daniel Bambini MD FACS is a board-certified pediatric surgeon working in Charlotte, North Carolina. He completed a fellowship in pediatric transplantation and a fellowship in pediatric surgery at Children’s Memorial Hospital at Northwestern University in Chicago in 2001. Since then, he joined Pediatric Surgical Associates, PA and serves as President of the busiest pediatric surgical practice in North Carolina, providing care to children of the greater Charlotte area. Dr. Bambini is an accomplished, experienced, and exceptional surgeon who is respected by patients, residents, and faculty alike.

Dr. Bambini quickly became one of Dr. Baimas-George’s mentors when she started her surgical residency, bonding over their shared interest in pediatric surgery. As she began to write The Strength of My Scars series, Dr. Bambini’s considerable experience and expertise ensured appropriate content and information. He has assisted in not only Dr. Baimas-George’s research projects in validating the use of these books, but also in editing the books, to focus on key information and tips for patients and parents.

Dr. Bambini’s partners (Graham Cosper MD FACS, Thomas Schmelzer MD FACS, and Andrew Schulman MD FACS) have also provided considerable help as Dr. Baimas-George developed and tested the books. Without their assistance and support, these books would not exist.