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So you need a Liver Transplant...A guide to all the ins & outs of getting a new liver


At this time, we are printing this book on demand for bulk orders only. Please send an email to thestrengthofmyscars@gmail.com if you are interested in placing an order. Pricing will vary depending on quantity and printing costs at the time of ordering. Please email with any questions!

In this book for adults, readers are guided through the details of liver transplant. It is for anyone and everyone who needs a liver transplant or knows someone who needs a liver transplant. 

This comprehensive book covers facts about anatomy and end-stage liver disease, the transplant evaluation process, details about living and deceased donation, surgical steps, postoperative care, immunosuppression, and more. All the ins and outs of needing a liver transplant! The before, during, and after -- the workup, the surgery itself, and the recovery process. 

This book is proudly written with the help of an expert in the field, Dr. James Pomposelli. He is the surgical director of abdominal transplantation at the University of Colorado.

This book is written for a 5th to 6th grade reading level to be accessible to the majority of patients, and has helpful and informative illustrations and diagrams that go hand-in-hand with text, to make the information as easy to understand as possible. We aim to empower patients and their families with knowledge and support, and to reduce fear and uncertainty.