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Concussions: Seeing Stars on Sunny Days


Concussions: Seeing Stars on Sunny Days follows a young athlete through his concussion experience – from the initial accident to his recovery and every step in between. Concepts are conveyed in easy to understand language with vibrant illustrations to engage and inform patients, family members, and friends of all ages. A typical hospital experience for concussions is described, including receiving a CT scan, to make the process less scary for both patients and their loved ones. Aspects of recovery are also touched upon, including getting extra rest, taking days off from school, and temporarily abstaining from sports. Symptoms and recommendations for recovery are discussed in greater detail in a ‘Facts’ section at the end of the book. A glossary of ‘Doctor’s Words’ is also included to provide helpful definitions of relevant medical terms in plain language. 

Through science and colorful illustration, this book not only aims to empower patients and their families but is also an enjoyable and educational gift for kids who are curious to learn more about the fascinating world of medicine.

$1 from every copy of Concussions: Seeing Stars on Sunny Days sold will be donated to the Concussion Legacy Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to solving the concussion crisis by funding and supporting innovative research and education programs.