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Ports: An Entrance Ramp to My Heart


Ports: An Entrance Ramp to My Heart explores what implanted medical ports are, why doctors use them, and at-home care instructions from the perspective of a child who has one for cancer treatment. Because ports allow medicine and nutrition to be transported quickly and directly to the heart, the narrator depicts them as an entrance ramp to the highway of his body. This analogy helps young patients, their friends, and families better understand these devices and alleviate concerns they may have about them. Easy to understand language and vibrant illustration make the concepts in this story accessible for readers of all ages.

The end of the book contains a ‘Facts’ section with important information and answers to commonly asked questions, to supplement conversations with doctors. There is also a section on port placement details and tips and tricks for taking care of a port. You will also find a helpful glossary of ‘Doctor’s Words’ with relevant medical terms explained in plain language and a page to take notes for your own hospital experience if applicable.

Through science and colorful illustration, this book not only aims to empower patients and their families but is also an enjoyable and educational gift for kids who are curious to learn more about the fascinating world of medicine.   

$1 from every copy of Ports: An Entrance Ramp to My Heart sold will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, dedicated to advancing cures, preventing pediatric cancers, and providing medical care at no cost to families.