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Liver Transplantation, Part Two: Getting Ready for your New Liver


This book is being published by Cambridge University Press, and is now available for preorder!

Preorder through Amazon: Getting Ready for your New Liver

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Preorder through Cambridge: Getting Ready for your New Liver

Liver Transplantation, Part Two: Getting Ready for your New Liver guides readers through the process of getting ready for a liver transplant. With easy to understand language and fun color illustrations, this book introduces the team of people patients will meet, explains the steps that will happen before the transplant, and provides information about the waitlist.

Using the analogy of the line to ride on a rollercoaster, the book explains that like a kid with a ‘fast pass’ to cut the line, some kids have a special ‘status’ due to a very sick liver that brings them right to the front of the line for a liver transplant. Readers will also learn what they should be doing while they are on the waitlist, providing them with a sense of control during a stressful time.

Important information is included in a ‘Facts’ section, including the ‘scores’ that determine your spot on the waitlist, and details about your liver search. You will also find a convenient glossary of ‘Doctor Words’ with relevant medical terms explained in plain language. This is an informative and enjoyable book that aims to provide comfort, hope, and key information to children and their families.